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Imagine that every locality, every community in a social body was prosperous, as in economically and socially viable. That would mean the whole society would be prosperous.

That should be the goal of any and every society on earth.

In order to achieve such a desirable goal there would have to be a revolution. A revolution that has no association whatsoever with any that have gone before or with any revolutionary concepts our minds are presently captivated by. What is needed is a revolutionary social system capable of providing social and economic justice for one and all. Such overall justice cannot be achieved by governments constantly at war with themselves over how best to govern. Cannot be achieved through governmental directives.

Social and economic justice must be woven into the very fabric of a society so as to be universal and persistent.

In order to accomplish this a social system must be formed from its microcosm. The circulation of money, then, must begin at local levels and from there percolate up to form the macrocosm - the county, state and national organs. So, the foundation of a society would first and foremost be secured. Each and every locality would have immediate access to whatever funds necessary for their prosperity. Thus, poverty would be eradicated.

Money would be assigned a specific fundamental purpose. That is, to energize the work that needs to be done to provide all the goods and services necessary to maintain an optimally functioning social body. This would facilitate full-employment on an ongoing basis.

Circulating money from localities would need a revolutionary banking system.

Banks would not be private commercial enterprises. Nor would they be controlled by government. A bank would exist as an integral part of the social body and be owned by the people. The officers of a bank would serve as guardians of the public trust as well operating as private bankers. They would be subject to review, censure and removal by the people they serve.

Out of the local banks a county bank would be formed and out of the county banks a state bank and on to regional banks forming a national bank. Local banks would control the money supply throughout the system. Thus the financial system would not stray very far from its foundation.

Local banks would be the focal point of the community. Business leaders, community leaders and bankers would all get together to assess economic, social and environmental conditions and discuss projects for investment. Banks would loan money to private sector projects and allocate funds for public sector projects deemed necessary by the people. Such funds must be seen in the long term as investments in the community’s future. They must be calculated to support the activity of the private sector’s viability, i.e., not be a hindrance to it.



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